Green or blue?


Saturday was a very cold spring day. Teresa and I stayed indoors most of the day, but later in the afternoon, we took a drive. After a short pass by the eagle nest just south of PIqua, we took a headed to Garbry Big Woods.

I have seen more variety of birds there this year than any time in the past. I don’t think there are any more species flying around the reserve. So what is going on? I think I am listening and watching more intensely. I am connecting with nature more deeply than before. Retirement? Maybe. Whatever, I am enjoying this time in my life. 

I was disappointed that there was some kind of social event going on and lots of noise. The birds were silent and out of sight. On they way out, we drove by this remote little pond. It’s not the one where everyone was fishing, and playing. I saw this large winged bird ... what was that. It looked blue, and graceful, flying over the water. I could not get a photo, and I felt frustrated. I drove a little further and started looking for it. Teresa was the 1st to spot him. I saw him, and focused my 600mm lens his direction. I cropped the image to get the above photo.

This is a Green Heron. Yes, green. I saw blue, but what can I say. I did learn one cool fact about this bird: They are one of the few types of bird that will use a tool! Yes, they often will drop bait on the surface of the water, then grab the fish it attracts. Cool. 

~ Rick

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