Nature as a backdrop for teaching moments


Earlier this week, I mentioned the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) in a post on this site. No, I am not going to launch into a discussion about the Ash Borer. Writing that post brought back memories of this photo.

I frequently take walks during lunch at Fort Saint Clair Park in Eaton, OH. It is a lovely park. Sadly, most of the Ash population has been destroyed, and the city has cut down and removed the damaged Ash Trees. The tree in the picture above was just one of many such trees. It is very sad.  


I have to pause for a minute and comment on the beauty of this park. I have seen some amazing wildlife, primarily birds. I enjoy walking here. If you find yourself in Eaton, make a stop here!  There is a small road around the park which I normally walk. I do this ‘loop’ once or twice during lunch. I have turned a walk here into a meeting more than once. There is a lot of history here too! I hope you can visit! 


On one day in May, 2016, I was on one of my walks walk when I saw this father kneeling by a recently fallen Ash tree. He was helping his daughter count the rings on the tree to determine its age. When I came around the second time, they had seen finished counting and were standing by the fallen tree, still engaged in conversation. They told me how many rings they had counted, then I went on with my walk. (Sadly, I don’t remember how old it was). 

I loved watch this father engaged with his daughter. He was teaching, but more importantly he was engaged with her. It was beautiful in so many ways. It melted my heart, and left me thinking about my sons, and my granddaughters. Life is short .. enjoy every moment! 

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