A sunrise surprise


This sunrise photo is one of my favorites. It was early on a fall morning and I had decided to try to capture a few photos of the sunrise. As I was driving on a narrow country road, I had already taken several beautiful photos, and was about to head home. At that instance, I saw this view out the corner of my eye. I hit the breaks, backed up a few feet, and this is what I saw.   

When you photograph a wedding or take portraits, you need to spend a great deal of time planning. Lighting, posing .. it’s more like conducting an orchestra.

I love the moment when a shot ‘happens’ and the outcomes is a surprise. You see the image with your eyes, then through the camera ... at some point, you feel the shot. The results are not always what you expect. When you are dealing with nature and landscapes, you can’t plan every detail.

That is what excites me about the next few days ... photos to follow soon! 

 ~ Rick

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