A sunset sandwich?


I am going to dive into a little of the technical side of this photo today .. if you find this boring, let me know. I don’t want to do this often, but this photo seemed to call for it. 

HDR (High Dynamic Rage) photography can really make photos look unique. The iPhone can take amazing HDR photos. The user can set HDR to Auto, ON or OFF.

HDR photos are a combination of several photos, usually 3, each at different exposer levels. It is good to use HDR when you are taking photos in low light situations, or with blacklit scenes. I like to use it for landscapes, especially sunrise or sunset shots. 

There are apps that can help create HDR photos. For example, Pro HDR X. I prefer to just use the stock iPhone camera app. It really works great, and I used it for this sunset photo. 

The other technique that can make sunset photos interesting is to increase the saturation and highlights in the photo, while reducing the shadows. I did that on this photo using Snapseed

All that said, I just love a good sunset photo. The clouds make this extra cool. It looks like a sunset sandwich, with the sun between the horizon and the clouds.  

~ Rick

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