Hungry, hungry squirrels


Spring has arrived and the squarrels are very active. I was in my Mini, driving across this narrow bridge at Garbry Big Woods when I saw something moving in what was otherwise a barren tree. Normally, the squirrels take off before I can take a photo. This guy was more interested in the nuts or whatever he was chewing on. He ignored me and my car, so I sit there taking several photos, and then drove off. 


The second squirrel was at Yosemite where we saw him on a hike. Teresa snapped this photo before my eyes could even locate him. He was less forgiving of our intrusion, and hopped, skipped and just flat out ran to the nearest tree.  

I see a squirrel almost every day. They are very common. I love their curiosity. They are fun to watch.  

~ Rick

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©2018 Rick Cartwright