What is that app anyway ...


I process all of our photography on my iPad. Once in a great while, I have to do something on my Mac, but normally I can do it on an iPad. I have a Mac Mini that is powerd, and ‘connected’ 24/7. Its primary function is to backup all of my photos as they are added to my photo library. This happens regardless of where I am located, as long as I have access to the internet, or when I reconnect to the internet. Teresa’s photos are backed up separately, but using the same process. My PSA: Always make a backup of your important documents and photos!!

Frequently, I like to download and use various camera / photo apps to see the filters and cool effects they provide. Teresa calls it ‘playing’, I call it ‘testing’. 🤔 I enjoy seeing how I can use apps to enhance a photograph. This was one of those days where I was playing ... I mean testing.

I created todays photo using the app  ‘PhotoFunia’. Here is how it worked: I selected a scene, then the photo I wanted to use, and the app crunches for a few seconds, and inserts my photo into the photo they provide. It’s really cool, and that easy.  What do you think?  

If you want to try it yourself, you can get the app on the  AppStore, but it’s also available for Android and other operating systems. You can visit them at their website too. I am not sponsored by the creator of the app .. just sharing for creativity’s sake. 


~ Rick

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