Yellow here, and yellow there.


Yesterday I posted a photo of a Indigo Bunting. The Bunting is a finch! This photo is of an American Goldfinch. I have seen a dozen or more to them in the last couple days. Actually, I think I saw at least that many in one spot today. They migrate too, so it may be that they are passing though in large numbers right now.

The American Goldfinch nest very late, staring in late June and into early July. This time of year they seem to be more jumpy, and it’s more difficult to get a good photo. Their yellow and black color seems fitting for the fall, as well as for the spring.

I posted our latest video yesterday, and posted the link below. This one is from a hike at Goode Prairie Nature Preserve. It’s not a large preserve, but it’s a nice combination of wooded area and prairie. Of course, the Still Water River runs by it. Very nice for a walk, and if it has not been raining, photography.

~ Rick