Hanging with the birds


I have been learning to fly my new toy .. I mean work device. Yesterday, as the fog was lifting, I stopped near Big Woods and flew it for a few minutes. It didn’t take long for a group of swallows to show up. At about 900 feet three or four of them started to circled my unarnmed, helpless drone😱😬. They don’t make any agressive movements toward the drone, they just circled. I am sure it was curiosity and maybe protecting their turf (or nest)! I only flew it for about 10 minutes, then moved on. I had more hiking to do.

About 30 minutes later, I drove by the same area. This time a more interesting bird was hanging out where I had been flying. This hawk could likely so some serious damage. I have never seen a hawk in this tree, but I know she hunts. I guess I was in her airspace.

About 24 Hours later, I took some landscape photos for a friend using my drone (I need to name her). On the first of two flights, the swallows showed up in numbers again. This second photo is from the drone.


She never came close. I was 1000 feet away, so I could not tell exactly. I could just see the birds circling around the drone.

I am enjoying this new way to capture photos and videos. I will be sharing more in this weeks YouTube Video.

Have a great day!


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