Monarch In The Making …


Teresa capture this photograph of a monarch caterpillar while we were hiking this week. The caterpillar eats the milkweed, but the butterfly doesn’t. Here is the inside story on this amazing bond:

”You see, the latex-based sap produced by milkweed plants contains toxic compounds called cardenolides. Most other insects, save for a handful of species, can’t digest these toxins; it kills them or they avoid it all together due to its foul taste. But monarch caterpillars actually absorb these toxins as they feed on milkweed leaves, rendering the caterpillars themselves toxic to potential predators. The toxins found in the monarch butterfly host plant actually help protect the caterpillars and adult butterflies from birds and other predators.” (Source: The monarch butterfly host plant: Milkweeds ...)

And now you know ...

We hiked this week .. here is our latest video .. enjoy.

~ Rick

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