Natures Imposter?


This is not what you think. At first glance, you may think it is a Monarch. Well, it’s not. This is a Viceroy). What is the difference?

There are a few noticeable differences, but the big one is the ‘lines’ in the wings. The Viceroy has a line that runs perpendicular to the rest of the lines in the wing. (see the photo to the right.)

The Viceroy Buttefly

The Viceroy Buttefly

The Monarch Butterful

The Monarch Butterful

This is a photo of a Monarch that I took a couple days ago. Noice the difference? There are some other interesting differences.

  • The Viceroy is usually smaller. They are still a larger butterfly, but just not as large as the Monarch.

  • The Viceroy tends to fly more direct and faster. You have to watch them to understand this, but its true.

There are other differences, but I’m not going to discuss them in this blog post. The fact is, they are beautiful creatures .. both of them. Just enjoy their beauty.

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