Why run?


What a georgous creature and stunning photo. I was driving between locations on my morning photo outing. I have several favorite spots, and sometimes I will stop at 2 to 3 locations. On Monday morning, I was heading to another location when I saw this dear. She was laying in this wheat field. I slowed down to see what she was up to. She stood up, and looked back at me, but did’t run. I stopped in the middle of the road. I was not sure how long I would have. I figured either a car would come up behind me, or she would bound off. We set there looking at each of their for what seemed like hours. I snapped several photos, she just watched. Beautiful. 


I am printing this photo. It will be on a sheet of glass, and will be ready to hang on a wall. It will be available next week. The price is $80. This is a special price. Click the button below to contact me, or you can text or DM me. 

~ Rick

Prints are available for many of the photos on this site on canvas, metal or glass. They are stunning and you can purchase them for a wall at home. Click the link or the ‘prints and such’ tab.

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