Things you can’t control ..


I took this photo yesterday morning. Lately, the photos have become more difficult. The spring migration is done, and the trees are well covered. Every so often, a bird will pause in a tree or on somewhere in the open. This Goldfinch was like that. I saw a pair of them flying across the trees, then across the bike path .. and they stopped where I could capture this photo. Yes, I was thrilled, but there are things, like this beautiful bird, that you can’t control. 

I had a lens die today. How does a camera lens die? This lens is a 18mm to 200mm lens for my Nikon camera. It is good glass, and I have taken 100s of photos with it. Great photos. I was taking photos at an event in Dayton when it stopped focusing. I can manually focus, but only in a narrow range of focal length.

This is not the ‘long lens’ that I use for wildlife, but my favorite lens for general photos and portraits. I have used that lens for a long time. It is the first lens to die in years. I’m only sharing this to illustrate a point: you can’t control everything in life. If it’s not the bird or the deer .. it’s the equipment. Life goes on:).  

~ Rick

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