A sparrow


Have you ever felt like this sparrow? He appeared so alone. He pulled up a spot on this fence, and just sat there alone. I think we all have days like the one he is having .. where we feel a little blue and struggle to survive. The elements were not being real nice to our friend either. The wind left him a little blown. I think we often beat ourselves up while blaming everyone else. 

What you don’t see in this photo is reality. It was the dawn of a beautiful spring day. The temperature was climbing quickly, and two geese were taking a morning swim across the water.  Sometimes it’s hard to see the beauty of the world around us when we are deep in self-doubt and feelings of frustation.

Look around and take it all in! Beauty is all around you - stop and enjoy it for just a short time. It will change your outlook.  

~ Rick

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©2018 Rick Cartwright