Hey, where did you come from?


While not the best cardinal photo in my collection, the story is interesting. Earlier this week, I took a morning drive. I was trying to get a good sunrise photo. I was also trying to learn the hunting patterns of our local eagles. After several sunrise photos, and some time watching the eagles nest, I stopped to take a walk along the river.

After a few photos, I was getting cold so I headed back to the car. As I was just about to leave the trail, I looked up, and there he was ... just watching my every move. I had my large lens on the camera which helped me to capture this shot. I kept thinking, pleased stay there for a few more seconds. I was having focus issues with all the tree limbs. Snap ... got it. Even got two of them before he flew off.  

I am always grateful for every one of natures creatures that stops long enough for me to take a photograph. I think the tree makes the shot extra cool. A special moment with nature.  

~ Rick


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