Harvest Bell About to Bloom


I believe this is a Harvest Bell (Gentiana saponaria). I picked up some facts from the PlantSnap Plant Identification app by PlantSnap, Inc.. I have used this app a few times, and it does a good job of identifying plants. I love the colors of this late blooming flower.

“Berula is a cosmopolitan genus of flowering plant in the carrot family, whose species are known as water parsnip, as are some other plants in Apiaceae such as Sium latifolium and Sium suave. It is easily confused with the highly toxic water hemlock. Water parsnip is a widespread aquatic plant found across Eurasia, Africa, North America, and elsewhere. It is a perennial plant forming stolons at the base where it roots in mud, often underwater. It extends hollow stems and umbels of white flowers. The leaves are fernlike and have several narrow to rounded leaflets.”

~ Rick

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