Purple, Yellow, Green, Brown …


Ironweed shows up in late summer. When the purple shows up, I know we are on the backside of summer. It is a butterfly magnet.

A little detail about this beautiful plant:

“Standing 4 to 6 feet tall at maturity, ironweed boasts a big garden presence when it begins blooming in late summer. That's because clusters of bright purple flowers decorate its tall stems for 6 weeks or more at the end of the growing season. Ironweed received its common name from its ironlike qualities: tough stems, tenacious growing habit, and flowers that give way to seed clusters the color of rust.” Source: Ironweed

If you live near a pond or river, and near some grassland, you should get out and see the beautiful colors ... to take a walk, and take your camera. Enjoy!

~ Rick

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