? Or , ...


We took part in our second ‘butterfly walk’ of the summer yesterday. It was hot, but we saw a lot of beauty. This is either a question mark or a comma butterfly .. either way, it’s a beautful creature.

Here is a little help if you want to study up.

As I posted yesterday, we setup a YouTube channel. The tales.photos YouTube channel will include video footage from our various outings. It could be from local photo hikes, or more extensive travel footage.

For a long time, I have wanted to share more than just still images. This will allow Teresa and me to do that. There will be a weekly video. You can subscribe and be notified when new videos are available. I hope you enjoy this as much I we will enjoy sharing.


Prints are available for many of the photos on this site on canvas, metal or glass. They are stunning and you can purchase them for a wall at home. Click the link or the ‘prints and such’ tab.

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