A web or a bowl?


My hike today took me back to Stillwater Prairie Reserve. I have always loved photographing spider webs. The 1st photo is one unique web that caught my eye, and the attention of my camera. I’m not sure I have seen a design like this before.

The second shot of one of the ponds at the reserve. This pond is really nice, and there are always lots of birds, and cool plant life. I usually see a number of butterfly here, but not today.

I also visited the Greenville Falls State Scenic River Area. This has always been one of my favorite places to visit. See my vlog for some live footage.

So, I have been sharing photos for over a year. I don’t plan to stop for some time. Now that I am sharing video, I am also sharing a lot more photography. I would love to hear some feedback. I am not sure a daily video makes sense. I plan to keep it up for a while, but I may go to 3 or 4 a week soon. Please let me know if you enjoy the videos. Have a great weekend.

~ Rick

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