Look deeper ..

The photos today are not my best work, but they demonstrate something really important. First, the two photos:


Both photos were taken on the same day. It was cloudy and it appeared it was about to rain. I was about ready to head home, but just snappped a couple of photos .. because I could. I didn’t see the two ducks in the top photo. There is some weird stuff in the shot too .. some grass that is in the foreground.

If you look close, there is a very large bird in the second shot. At least I think it is a large bird, likely a turkey vulture or even a hawk. The thing is, I didn’t see this until I got home.

Teresa always tells me I don’t see things that are right in front of me ... that ‘guy’ syndrome I guess. But seriously, I think we often miss big opportunities in life because are are focused on the wrong things. Maybe we are in a hurry, or we are just not looking deep enough. Whatever it is, life will not stop for you .. stop and take it in. Enjoy the moment.

~ Rick

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