Turkey for dinner?


I have been waiting to share this photo for a few days now. This is a wild turkey and it comes with a great story.

We had gone out for a drive, and were headed back to the lodge. I really can’t describe the road .. remember, we were in the mountains of Yosemite, and the roads wind through the mountain like a noodle in a pile of spaghetti. Winding roads for miles, trees, and not much margin for error. There are spots where the edge of the road end, and then there is just a clift .. a large drop off. I was just focused on my lane so as not to hit an oncoming car, or drop over the edge. My fear of heights didn’t work with me.  

As we come around a curve in the road, I see this very large bird in the road. Right in the middle of the road. My 1st reaction was, “Pheasant”. I really knew better .. it didn’t look like a pheasant. It turned toward us and started this turkey trot, trying to get out of the way. I stopped in the middle of the road as we both scrambled to get a camera. The funny thing is, I was holding my iPhone. But there we were were, two phones and still looking for a camera. Teresa snapped a couple of photos. This was the best one. 

The Turkey was so surprised: We were so surprised. I guess it was almost turkey for dinner.  

~ Rick

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