Birds of prey


I have been working hard at improving my skills of photographing wildfire, especially birds of prey. My goal is to photograph one of the eagles that hunt near our home, on the Miami River. I have watched them on three occasions, but I have to know them better, and get much better at setting up without them feeling threatened or spooked. This is there habitat, and I am but a guest. 

Yesterday, I went to a memorial service for a friend. I left early so could shoot some photos. I stopped at Garbry Woods Preserve, and was surprised to see this hawk. It was a great opportunity to practice my skills. It worked out great, but I was a little out of focus, and the lighting was not great. 

Not far from here, I saw a second hawk. I didn’t do nearly as well, and she flew off before I was able to capture the photo. Practice makes perfect, but I have so much to learn. 😬  

~ Rick

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