Just take the picture ..


We took a car ride and then a long walk yesterday. Fall colors are gaining momentum, but it’s moving slow. Teresa took the photo above, and I took the other shot. We took these on North Rangeline Road, north of route 36 and west of Covington, Ohio. I’m sure we looked funny, stoping the car and trying to frame a good shot.


When you are trying to photograph animals, you don’t always have time to setup the perfect picture. Prior to taking these photos, while we were walking, we saw this beautiful male cardinal. Perhaps the largest one I have seen. He was  gorgeous. We tried for a long time to get a picture of him. He was not going to let that happen, so we moved on.

While taking pictures of these horses, I caught myself saying to Teresa, “Take the shot, we can fix it in post.” Driving home, then early this morning, I came back to these words. Sometime we find ourselves waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to make a change, or to take some action. We ‘waited’ and didn’t get any shots of the cardinal. Teresa took the shot and while we didn’t get a perfect picture, but we did get a meaniful, beautiful picture of the horse. There is value in patience, but sometimes you need to ‘take the shot’ and move on. 

Something to think about.

~ Rick

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