Free Bird


Lets start with a nostalgic moment: On November 23, 1974 Lynyrd Skynrd released Free Bird as a single. It was released a year earlier on their debut album. When they played Free Bird it live, it would usually go for 13 minutes, to well over 14 minutes. I was in high school. I loved this song. 

I remember the sad news in 1977.  I was in college, but at moment I heard it, I was on a date. A tragic plan crash took the life of lead vocalist Ronnie Van Zant, guitarist and vocalist Steve Gaines, backing vocalist Cassie Gaines, and others.  

This is still one of my favorite songs. The YouTube video is from 1976 .. it’s from a live performance. 

I took the sunset picture with the migrating birds a few weeks ago. It reminded me of this song. I was also reminded of this: We often feel trapped or constrained by our circumstances. More often than not, we limit ourselves with self-doubt and fear. I love how the birds do it. They just ‘go’ and ‘do’. 

After a long journey, I don’t think they look back and question their progress .. they just do it again. A few months later, the journey is repeated, in reverse. 

I am in awe at the accomplishments of so many of my friends and others that I know. Some of them have beat amazing odds in the most difficult circumstances. So many of them feel overwhelmed by the daily grind and the challenges. They go and do, when it seems impossible. They are my hero’s. 

~ Rick

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©2017 Rick Cartwright