Lazy river


I took this photo last February. I have share this before on facebook or instagram .. but I figured it was a good day to share it here. I took this early one morning before heading to the NAFEM show. This lazy River can be found at the Orlando Hilton.

Recovery report: My recover is going well. The surgery was on Wednesday, November 22, and I came home on Thursday. I have seven small ‘holes’ that the robot used to access my prostate. They were successful at removing it, as well as the nearby lymph nodes. I don’t have pathology report back yet, and don’t expect it for a couple weeks. Of course, I knew I had cancer inside the prostate from an earlier biosopy. The seven holes? Well, robotic surgey has so many advantages. Less blood loss, faster recovery, less infection ... I’m for all of that. 

I have not needed the painkillers I was given, and have mostly used either Tylenol or Ibuprofen when I need to take off the edge. I’m walking about .7 to .8 miles a day, and hope to get that put to a mile today or tomorrow. A major milestone this week is the one week mark. I loose the cath that day. Can’t wait. 

Enjoy your Sunday, and enjoy life.  

~ Rick

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