Be remarkable ..

Photo by Teresa

Photo by Teresa

This photo is intense. Teresa took it along The Stillwater River on a recent hike. That red maple leaf contrast so beautifully with the rocks and the water. Other leaves are dull, and blend in. I love this picture! 

This photo reminded me of several blog posts by Seth Godin. Like the red leaf in this picture, when you do your best work, you too will stand out and be noticed. Be it your work, your attitude, or your approach to life, standing out requires an intentional effort. Seth calls this doing something worth making a remark about. It’s about being remarkable. It is easy to ‘fit in’, but to ‘stand out’, and be remarkable takes effort.

Shortly after I accepted my 1st job out of college, I transferred to work in the Electrical Systemes Engineering Department at Hobart Corporation. I worked for this bright electrical engineer. He was not flashy, but he was (and is) remarkable. His ability to understand very complex problems, and find elegant solutions to those problems left an impression on me that impacted me and my approach to engineering. His work was always remarkable, and his attitude was focused and clear. He was an amazing mentor, and a great friend. 

Sometimes you find people that try to stand out by being a jerk. That’s not remarkable. We have all encountered jerks. Move past them, and make a  difference. Do something remarkable today. 

~ Rick

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