Out to pasture


Driving near our home in Ohio we pass this tranquil scene frequently. It invokes a peaceful feeling, and both the horses and me enjoy the moment.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Put him out to pasture”? Sometimes this phrase is used when referencing someone that has retired. Most of the time when I hear this phrase used, the individual is over 55, and has moved on to the next stage of life for more negitive reasons.

I like to think of retirement differently. For me, it means opportunity. A time that allows me to focus on things I am passionate about. It has given me the time and space to learn new skills. While I was working, I would never have taken the time to learn videography and editing skills. I didn’t have the time to write two daily blogs. Now, I do that, and find room in my life to learn to draw (not very good yet, but I am learning).

Do I miss work? No! I believe I did some of my best work during the last few years of my career. I enjoyed it so much. That said, I do not miss work. I miss the paycheck, but not the work. I have done some consulting to keep my mind sharp, and I am sure I will do some more. But I don’t miss the stress and grind of ‘the daily job’.

Do I miss the people I worked with? Yes, certainly. That said, I stay connected with many of my closest friends. I meet up with some of them now and then to catch up and fill that void. I find joy in getting up every day, and starting something new. Being out to pasture can be filled with new experiences, every day. I wish I had done it even sooner.

~ Rick


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