Reflection and life


It’s hard to tell where shore ends, and the reflection begins. Sometimes life is like that too. I will tell you one secret .. stick your toe in and you will know if it’s real, and when you are about to get wet. :)  

I find myself looking back on life, as if it is a big reflection. I remember my childhood days, and find myself reflecting on my parents often. There are some good memories, and then of course, times when I feel I let them down. We all have moments like that. The reality is, there were many good times in my childhood, and I am grateful for everyone of them.  

Then I reflect on my early years with my wife. We had four amazing sons. I was not a perfect father in the early days, I tended to lack patience and focus. I was not bad, but I could have been better. As I have aged (and boy, have I aged), I have a lot more clarity about what life is about.  

Reflecting is good, but what is important is the the ‘here and now’. Stick your toe in and enjoy every moment.  

 ~ Rick

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