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Yosemite: It seemed like there is a postcard waiting at every turn. We are home now, and I have had some time to digest our trip, and mentally process everything. There is so much to see at Yosmite. It reminded me of Yellowstone .. large, beautiful and overwhelming. I am so grateful that we were able to visit, and hope to return someday. 


Now for something more general. I have been struggling with how I can share more photos from the various places we visit and photograph. I am considering creating an ebook from some of the better photos. Perhaps a separate ebook for each destination. I would publish it as an iBooks (Apple users), and if I can figure it out, for Kindle. Maybe a PDF too?  The numbers of photos will be limited by how large the book becomes. I believe the book will cost about $5 to $10, enough to offset the cost of publishing and such.

What do you think? Is there any interest in ebooks like this. I would start with Yosmite, but if it goes well, I will create several. It will not be just photos, but include a short description or natative, and maybe some tips for those that visit the same locations. I am not trying to create a travel guide .. it’s a story in pictures. 

If you have any thoughts, and especially if you would be interested in this, please IM me on FB, text (937-214-3590), or in the comments on FB.

~ Rick

 Prints are available for many of the photos on this site on canvas, metal or glass. They are stunning and you can purchase them for a wall at home. Click the link or the ‘prints and such’ tab.

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