Tranquil, and so alive

 “If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh


I took this before the sunrise at Quail Creek Reservoir in southern Utah about 10 minutes before the sunrise. The slight red glow in the foreground was from our rental car taillights .. I sure thought I had them turn off, but I guess not.

I love the stillness of the lake. If you listened, you could hear nature. The birds, and other wildlife just starting to stir, or perhaps some retiring for the day. In a word: Tranquil. 

Photography is wonderful because the photographer can look at the photo and recall memories of a time past. The image brings back the experiences,  feelings and emotions. I can close my eyes after looking at this photo, and go back there. Video can be even more powerful.

I hope I can take you there too, even if its limited, by sharing these scenes with you. The earth is so beautiful. Enjoy it. Photograph it. Share it! Take it in, and absorb the beauty and majesty of nature. If you honor nature, she will give you beauty many times over. 

~ Rick  

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©2018 Rick Cartwright