I have shared this story with a few close friends, and may have casually mentioned it in a previous post. I hope it resonates with someone other than me. 

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend at work about my frustration in acquiring a particular lens. I wanted something for long photos .. something bigger than 500mm. This is especially important when photography wildlife. 

The problem was the lens I wanted was really expensive, and I figure it was forever out of my budget. The next day, my friend stopped at my office and told me I should not give up on the dream.  We had a great conversation, but I appreciate his thoughfulness. 

A few days later, I was talking to one of sons, Ben. He mentioned a couple of options that I had not considered. By the end of the night, I had ordered a Sigma 150mm - 600mm monster of a lens.  Heavy, but perfect for my use with nature, wildlife, and so forth. It arrive a few days later, and I have been enjoying it  immensely.

When I walked out the door at sometime near 4:00a today, I saw an amazing view of the moon. I have always enjoyed taking photos of the moon. With this new lens, I am able to take a much better photo, and the extra range makes a big difference. This shot is dedicated to my friend, and my son. It will always remind me to never give up on a dream. Perhaps your moonshot has nothing to do with the moon, or photography .. whatever it is, don’t give up on the dream. 

Shot of the Moon from near Piqua, Ohio on a September morning.   

Shot of the Moon from near Piqua, Ohio on a September morning.