The official end of summer?


Labor Day has come and gone. I frequently hear people talk about this holiday as the end of summer. The reality is that schools are back in session, and evenings and nights bring with them a cool chill. The sunset comes earlier each night, as daylight shortens. Soon the trees will dress in the colors of fall, and the leaves will begin to cover the landscape.  

If you like to capture photos of amazing sunsets, this is your time of year! The sun is starting to move lower on the horizon, and the magic hour will provide an amazing golden cast. The fall is accompanied with vivid colors - nature’s backdrop for photographers. 

Over the years, some of my best photos have come between Labor Day and when the leaves have fallen. I guess what I am saying is this: get out there and take some photos! Nature is waiting to share it’s beauty with you and your camera!  

These photos were taken at sunrise at Kiser Lake State Park. It was a beautiful morning .. so peaceful and calm. Have a great fall.