The waiting game ...


I had to share this picture from 2009. I recently shared a post about fishing in the Mediterranean. This was taken on one of many visits to Tel Aviv. It was cooler weather for Israel, but he was waiting patiently.

A friend sent me a link to a moving song by Parson James from The Temple EP. It’s called ‘Waiting Game’, and this picture captures the spirit of that song. It starts like this:

I’ve been fishing and can’t catch a bite; I’ve been Praying, ain’t seen that light; I’ve been searching, high to the low; I’ve been working, working, working; myself to the bone.

I’m not a patient person. I am about to turn 60 this year, and I am still struggle with this. My skin does start to crawl sometimes! I’m learning, but would do well to remember the patience of the fisherman in this photo. 

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