Slow down ...

... you may miss the view!  


Last weekend we drove to Tennessee for the funeral of a dear friend. A week earlier his daughter called me to ask if I would speak at his funeral service. I was not aware, but sometime in the past he had made this request. It was difficult, but an honor.

Stewart was a big influence on me in my early 20’s. I am grateful to have known him, and for his influence, kindness, and example. I am also relieved that he is not suffering or in pain. We love his family, and it was good to be with them. 

Since my mom passed away years ago, funerals have been very difficult for me. My Father passed earlier this year, and I am still dealing with emotions from his death. 

On the drive home, I was thinking about the previous day, the funeral, my parents, work .. just lot of ‘stuff’. Teresa noticed this sign (above). I had my camera with me, hoping to capture some of the beauty, but my mind was absorbed elsewhere. I turned the car around and found this gorgeous view. I needed this.

Island View Overlook  (Livingston Hwy, near Byrdtown, TN)

Island View Overlook (Livingston Hwy, near Byrdtown, TN)

Yes, it was overcast, which matched my mood. The view, beautiful. The peaceful setting .. fitting.