Lake Geneva

Lausanne, Switzerland and Lake Geneva

Lausanne, Switzerland and Lake Geneva

Welcome to Lake Geneva! The view to the south, across the lake is the Majestic Alps. The lake is actually split between Switzerland and France. This is actually one of the largest lakes in Western Europe, and it extends much further to the east, and to the south west. Geneva is at the south west tip of the lake. 


On the last day of our trip, we spend the evening in Geneva. What an amazing city. My favorite food on earth is pasta, and specifically tortellini. I fell in love with it on a trip to Bologna, Italy where torellini originated. I was so excited when I found it on the menu that evening.  

Of course, I was also pleasantly surprised to find an Apple store nearby 😳.  

So what is the official language of Switzerland? Most of the people I met spoke French, however in the north most speak German, and some Italian. I didn’t have any problem communicating in English. 

A beautiful country, with wonderful people. I will go back!  

Bonne journée, mes amis!  

~ Rick

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