“Nothing runs like a Deere”


I captured not only a beautiful sunset over the horizon, and as it slowly sets over this old John Deere tractor. This photo is from a fall evening in 2015. The image is slightly over saturated, it captured the beauty of the evening. The suns rays are so inviting .. I’m ready for some warmer weather. 😎

Old tractors often stop running, even if they are a Deere. They serve their purpose for years, but at some point they fail to keep up.

I was so dreading my 60th birthday. I guess I was feeling like this old tractor (if it had feelings). The reality is, it’s just the beginning of something new. A new chapter, with new adventures and opportunities. One door closes, and another door is swinging open. Enjoy every day!  

~ Rick

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©2017 Rick Cartwright