Change happens .. and then the clock


This picture captures the essence of the Fall season. If you look at it for a while, perhaps you will feel the cool in the air, hear the sounds of fall, and see the harvest as it happens around you. Of course, if you take a quick walk outside, you will feel the cold in the air! It’s 34°F as I type this.  

When I see this picture, I am reminded that nature seems to deal with change better than most of us. Just look around and you see change every day. We complain when things change. Perhaps it’s Facebook and the constant changes to your timeline, or the location of your favorite item at Kroger ... there is always some change to dislike. I’m right there with you. 

This weekend, we will experience another change: Daylight Saving Time gives way to Standard Time. For some serious stress, google “Standard time and health” or something like that. Seriously, this change is even bad for your health. 😳🤔

Don’t get me wrong ... Sunday and Monday I will be complaining. I wish we just left it one way or the other.  Every year, a number of States talk about ending this crazy practice. Both Maine and Massachusetts have proposals to end it. Several states continue to ‘talk’ about it. Talk is cheap folks! 

What do I propose. Sadly, let’s just suck it up and move on. If you see me Sunday or Monday, and I’m complaining, please remind me that change happens. I promise to try and let it go.  

~ Rick

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©2017 Rick Cartwright