Curves in the road

Photo by Teresa somewhere between Urbana and Piqua, Ohio.  

Photo by Teresa somewhere between Urbana and Piqua, Ohio.  

When I was young, I remember being told that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The reality is the road we call life is not always straight. Health, money, relationships .. the good and the bad - curves in the road. I believe a bit part of life is how we respond to the crazy curves puts in our road. They often enter our field of vision when we believe we are least able to take them. Perhaps at a low point, we we feel down and depressed. 

Adapting, not simply accepting, is one of the keys to taking the curves. When I was learning to drive, I recall a habit I had of accelerating as I entered into a curve. The instructor would remind me to slow down before I entered the twist in the road. Learning to corner: how to use the breaks, and how to accelerate out of the curve is empowering. It allows us to move forward gracefully, and find more happiness. 

Enjoy the day, and the drive!  

 ~ Rick


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