Paris: The City of Light


La ville de lumière ... The City of Light. Yes, Paris. We were out for dinner. I think we were still looking for the restaurant when we came around the corner and this was the view. I love Paris, and the French people.

So, why is it called the city of light? One reason is that during the 18th century, Paris was a center for enlightenment. It was a center for education, philosophy and learning. It was also one of the first cities to use streetlights during the Great Exhibition of 1889. 

Speaking of enlightenment: I remember a trip to Europe that required a connection through the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (that airport use to intimidate me). There were two of us. I’ll call the other guy Joe.  We were on the way home from a long trip. Joe and I were boarding, and I was first for the final check. I greeted the French gentleman, “Bonjour.” He checked my paperwork, and waved me on. Joe, said, “Hello”, to which the French guy gave Joe a funny look, then told him that was not good enough. He said that if he wanted to pass, he needed to use some French. We both laughed, and it worked out.

I have always tried to be sensitive to the language and customs of the locals when I travel. I never had that happen before, or since, but respecting people goes a long way! That works at home and abroad. 

 ~ Rick

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